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About MetaMask SDK

MetaMask SDK is a library that provides a reliable, secure, and seamless connection from your dapp to the MetaMask browser extension and MetaMask Mobile. You can install the SDK in existing dapps, and call any Wallet API methods from your dapp. Get started using the SDK.

Benefits of MetaMask SDK

MetaMask SDK enables your dapp to provide a seamless user experience for MetaMask users, from multiple dapp platforms, without relying on third-party libraries. By integrating your dapp using the SDK, millions of MetaMask Mobile users can connect to their preferred MetaMask client. The SDK uses the MetaMask Ethereum provider, so existing dapps work out of the box with the SDK.

The following table outlines some of the features available when you integrate your dapp with MetaMask using the SDK. Most of these features are not available if you only integrate your dapp directly using the Wallet API.

FeatureWallet API onlyMetaMask SDK
Connect from a web dapp to the MetaMask extension
Connect from a web dapp to MetaMask Mobile
Connect from desktop, mobile, and gaming dapps to MetaMask Mobile
Use custom RPC methods such as connectAndSign
Display custom modals in MetaMask
Make read-only requests using the Infura API
Batch multiple RPC requests

User experience

The following are examples of how a user experiences a dapp with the SDK installed, on various platforms.

When a user accesses your web dapp on a desktop browser that doesn't have the MetaMask extension installed, a popup appears that prompts the user to either install the MetaMask extension or connect to MetaMask Mobile using a QR code.

Get started

You can read more about the connection flow between the SDK and MetaMask.