# Permissions

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To access certain powerful JavaScript globals or JSON-RPC methods, your snap will need to ask the user for permission. Snaps follow the EIP-2255 wallet permissions specification (opens new window), and your snap's required permissions must be specified in the initialPermissions field of your snap.manifest.json file.

# Table of Contents

# Endowments

# endowment:long-running

For snaps that are computationally heavy and can't finish execution within the snap lifecycle requirements, the snap can request the endowment:long-running permission. This permission will effectively allow snaps to run indefinitely while processing RPC requests.

# endowment:network-access

For snaps that need to access the internet, the snap can request the endowment:network-access permission. This permission will expose the global networking APIs fetch and WebSocket to the snap execution environment. Without this permission, these globals will not be available.

Avoid XMLHttpRequest

XMLHttpRequest is never available in snaps, and you should replace it with fetch. If your dependencies are using XMLHttpRequest, you can learn how to patch it away here.

# endowment:transaction-insight

For snaps that provide transaction insights, the snap can request the endowment:transaction-insight permission. This permission grants a snap read-only access to raw transaction payloads, before they are accepted for signing by the user, by exporting the onTransaction method. see Exports

# RPC Permissions

To use any restricted RPC method, a snap will need to request permissions to access that method. For a list of available RPC methods and thus valid RPC permissions see JSON-RPC API