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Wallet interoperability

A web dapp can integrate with multiple wallets simultaneously by adding support for EIP-6963, which improves the user experience when the user has multiple wallet browser extensions installed. EIP-6963 introduces an alternative discovery mechanism to the window.ethereum injected provider, enabling dapps to discover multiple injected wallet providers in a user's browser. We recommend using this new mechanism for provider discovery.

You can add support for EIP-6963 in one of the following ways:

Alternatively, you can use convenience libraries that support wallet interoperability. We recommend using the SDK for the best MetaMask user experience.

Community support

The alternative discovery mechanism works for wallets that have implemented support for EIP-6963. This includes MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, OKX, and other major wallets. See the list of wallets that support EIP-6963.

Backwards compatibility

Dapps that do not support EIP-6963 can still detect MetaMask using the window.ethereum provider. However, we recommend adding support to improve the user experience for multiple installed wallets. Read more about EIP-6963 backwards compatibility.