# Introduction

# Why you and your users should use MetaMask Mobile

  • Onboard your users in seconds - whether they are already wallet users or completely new users, we guide them to get them started!
  • Bring your dapp to our large and rapidly growing userbase.
  • Your users can discover other use-cases of the decentralized web right in the MetaMask web3 browser.
  • Users can sign with their MetaMask wallet, whether they use your dapp on MetaMask browser or prefer using other primary browsers or native mobile app or desktop. [*works with dapps supporting Wallet Connect]
  • Buy crypto easily, with the best rates, and supported in a wide-range of countries.
  • Manage your cryptoassets - watch or trade tokens, collectibles
  • Send payments to your family and friends (gasless* and in normal transaction - whatever they prefer)
  • Request payment from a friend, an employer, etc.
  • We have lots of more exciting stuff coming up - stay tuned, this is just the beginning 😉

Please visit our homepage (opens new window) to find out more about where to download the mobile app.