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Access a user's MetaMask provider

Use the @metamask/providers module to access a user's MetaMask provider from other sources, such as external extension providers and inpage providers.

The accounts provided by this provider are the user's MetaMask accounts. When sending signing requests to this provider, MetaMask prompts the user to sign with their accounts.

This module works in Chrome and Firefox.

Use @metamask/providers

Install @metamask/providers using the following command:

npm install @metamask/providers

Initialize the provider using the following code:

import { initializeProvider } from '@metamask/providers';

// Create a stream to a remote provider
const metamaskStream = new LocalMessageDuplexStream({
name: 'inpage',
target: 'contentscript',

// Initialize the provider and set it as window.ethereum
connectionStream: metamaskStream,

Create an external extension provider using the following code:

import { createExternalExtensionProvider } from '@metamask/providers';

let provider = createExternalExtensionProvider();
const accounts = await provider.request({ method: 'eth_requestAccounts' });