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Request permissions

To call a restricted RPC method, your dapp must request permission from the user to call it using the wallet_requestPermissions RPC method. This method is specified by EIP-2255.

wallet_requestPermissions creates a confirmation asking the user to connect to an account and allow the dapp to call the requested method. The confirmation screen describes the functions and data the requested method can access. For example, something like the following confirmation displays when you request permission to call the eth_accounts restricted method:

Request permissions confirmation 1
Request permissions confirmation 2


The following is an example of using wallet_requestPermissions to request permission from the user to call eth_accounts.

document.getElementById('requestPermissionsButton', requestPermissions);

function requestPermissions() {
method: 'wallet_requestPermissions',
params: [{ eth_accounts: {} }],
.then((permissions) => {
const accountsPermission = permissions.find(
(permission) => permission.parentCapability === 'eth_accounts'
if (accountsPermission) {
console.log('eth_accounts permission successfully requested!');
.catch((error) => {
if (error.code === 4001) {
// EIP-1193 userRejectedRequest error
console.log('Permissions needed to continue.');
} else {