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Snaps known errors

Snaps can communicate the following errors without crashing the Snap:

ErrorWhat the error indicatesError code
ChainDisconnectedErrorThe provider is disconnected from the requested chain.4901
DisconnectedErrorThe provider is disconnected.4900
InternalErrorAn internal error has occurred.-32603
InvalidInputErrorThe input to a method is invalid.-32000
InvalidParamsErrorThe parameters to a method are invalid.-32602
InvalidRequestErrorThe request is invalid.-32600
LimitExceededErrorA limit has been exceeded.-32005
MethodNotFoundErrorA method does not exist.-32601
MethodNotSupportedErrorA method is not supported.-32004
ParseErrorA request is not valid JSON.-32700
ResourceNotFoundErrorA resource does not exist.-32001
ResourceUnavailableErrorA resource is unavailable.-32002
TransactionRejectedA transaction has been rejected.-32003
UnauthorizedErrorThe requested method/account is not authorized by the user.4100
UnsupportedMethodErrorThe requested method is not supported by the provider.4200
UserRejectedRequestErrorThe user has rejected the request.4001