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You can display notifications directly in MetaMask or natively in a user's operating system (OS) using the snap_notify API method.


1. Request permission to notify users

Request the snap_notify permission. Add the following to your Snap's manifest file:

"initialPermissions": {
"snap_notify": {}

2. Create a notification

Create a notification by calling snap_notify, which takes a notification type and message. Specify type: "inApp" to display the notification in the MetaMask UI, or type: "native" to display the notification in the user's OS.


We recommend using type: "inApp" because there's no guarantee that native notifications are displayed to the user. You can also call snap_notify twice, which each notification type, to trigger both an in-app and native notification.

The following example displays a notification in MetaMask, with the message "Hello, world!":

await snap.request({
method: "snap_notify",
params: {
type: "inApp",
message: "Hello, world!",
Notification alert
Notification message
Notification rate limits

Each Snap can trigger up to:

  • Five in-app notifications per minute.
  • Two native notifications per five minutes.


See the @metamask/notifications-example-snap package for a full example of implementing notifications using snap_notify. This example exposes a custom JSON-RPC API for dapps to display in-app and native notifications.