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Custom name resolution

Flask Only
This feature is experimental and only available in MetaMask Flask, the canary distribution of MetaMask.

You can implement custom domain resolution and reverse resolution using the following steps.


1. Request permission to provide name resolution

Request the endowment:name-lookup permission.

For example, to resolve Ethereum Mainnet domains, add the following to your Snap's manifest file:

"initialPermissions": {
"endowment:name-lookup": {
"chains": ["eip155:1"]

2. Implement custom name resolution

Expose an onNameLookup entry point, which receives a chainId and either a domain or an address. The following example implements a very basic resolution from Unstoppable Domains domain names to Ethereum addresses in onNameLookup:

import type { OnNameLookupHandler } from "@metamask/snaps-types"


export const onNameLookup: OnNameLookupHandler = async (request) => {
const { chainId, domain } = request

if (domain && chainId === "eip155:1") {
const response = await fetch(
headers: {
accept: "application/json",
authorization: `Bearer ${UNSTOPPABLE_API_KEY}`,
const data = await response.json()
const resolvedAddress = data.records["crypto.ETH.address"]
if (address) {
return {
resolvedAddresses: [
{ resolvedAddress, protocol: "Unstoppable Domains" },

return null


See the @metamask/name-lookup-example-snap package for a full example of implementing custom name resolution.