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Use the Keyring API from a dapp

Flask Only
This feature is only available in MetaMask Flask, the canary distribution of MetaMask.

Your dapp can use the Keyring API to interact with custom EVM accounts. Use the KeyringSnapRpcClient of the Keyring API to invoke Keyring RPC methods on your Keyring Snap.


You can follow the end-to-end tutorial to create a Snap to connect to custom EVM accounts.

API documentation

See the Keyring API reference for all the Keyring API methods.

Create the KeyringSnapRpcClient

To use the KeyringSnapRpcClient, install @metamask/keyring-api in your project directory using Yarn or npm:

yarn add @metamask/keyring-api


npm install @metamask/keyring-api

Create the client by adding the following to your project script:

import { KeyringSnapRpcClient } from "@metamask/keyring-api";

let client = new KeyringSnapRpcClient(snapId, window.ethereum);

Call Keyring API methods

You can now use the KeyringSnapRpcClient to invoke the following Keyring API methods on your Snap.


Creates a Keyring account.

let keyringAccount = await client.createAccount("KeyringAccount1");


Gets a Keyring account.

// accountId is returned when the account is created using createAccount.
let keyringAccount = await client.getAccount(accountId);


Lists all Keyring accounts created by the Snap.

let keyringAccounts = await client.listAccounts();


Updates a Keyring account.

let updatedAccount = await client.updateAccount(modifiedKeyringAccount);


Deletes a Keyring account.

let snapResponse = await client.deleteAccount(accountId);


Submits a Keyring request.

import { v4 as uuid } from "uuid";

// Example submitting an eth_sendTransaction request
let submitRequestResponse = await client.submitRequest({
// ID of the account to which you want to submit this request
account: accountId,
scope: "eip155:1", // Ethereum Mainnet
request: {
jsonrpc: "2.0",
// Unique ID to identify every request
id: uuid(),
// The method and parameter structure is subjective to the Keyring API implementation in the Snap code.
method: "eth_sendTransaction",
from: "",
to: "0xcEF0f7f7ee1650b4A8151f605d9258bA65D733F5",
chainId: "1",


Gets a Keyring request.

// requestId is returned during request submission.
let keyringRequest = await client.getRequest(requestId);


Lists all requests submitted to the Snap.

let requests = await client.listRequests();


Approves a request.

// requestId is returned during request submission.
await client.approveRequest(requestId);


Rejects a request.

// requestId is returned during request submission.
await client.rejectRequest(requestId);


Returns a filtered list of CAIP-2 IDs representing the supported chains.

// accountId - ID of the account to be checked
// chains - List of chains (CAIP-2) to be checked
let supportedChains = await client.filterAccountChains(accountId, chains);