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Interactive UI

Flask Only
This feature is experimental and only available in MetaMask Flask, the canary distribution of MetaMask.

You can display interactive user interface (UI) components. Interactive UI is an extension of custom UI. It allows interfaces returned from snap_dialog, onTransaction, and onHomePage to respond to user input.

The following interactive UI components are available:

Create an interactive interface

Create an interactive interface using the snap_createInterface method. This method returns the ID of the created interface. You can pass this ID to snap_dialog, returned from onTransaction, or from onHomePage.

If you need to update the interface or get its state at a future time, you should store its ID in the Snap's storage.

Update an interactive interface

To update an interactive interface that is still active, use the snap_updateInterface method. Pass the ID of the interface to be updated, and the new UI.

Updating an interface can be done as part of the onUserInput entry point or as part of an asynchronous process.

The following is an example flow:

  1. The user activates an interactive interface to send Bitcoin funds to an address. The initial interface contains an address input, an amount input, and a Send funds button.
  2. The user fills the fields, and selects the Send funds button.
  3. onUserInput is called, and the logic detects that the Send funds button was selected.
  4. snap_updateInterface is called, replacing the Send funds button with a spinner.
  5. Custom logic sends the funds.
  6. snap_updateInterface is called again, replacing the whole UI with a success message.

Get an interactive interface's state

At any point you can retrieve an interactive interface's state. To do this, call the snap_getInterfaceState method with the ID of the interface.


See the @metamask/interactive-ui-example-snap package for a full example of implementing interactive UI.