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Account Management API objects

Account management Snaps use the following objects with the Account Management API.


An object representing an account with its properties and capabilities. An account object contains:

  • address: string - Account address or next receive address (UTXO).
  • id: string - Account ID (UUIDv4).
  • methods: string[] - List of supported Keyring Interface API methods.
  • options: Record<string, Json> - Snap-defined account options.
  • type: string - Account type. "eip155:eoa" for an externally owned account (EOA) or "eip155:erc4337" for an ERC-4337 account.


"address": "0xd1f5279be4b4dd94133a23dee1b23f5bfc0db1d0",
"id": "091bbc2e-6625-44d0-ac5c-658670ca649a",
"methods": [
"options": {
"signerCount": 5,
"threshold": 3
"type": "eip155:eoa"


An object representing a request made to the account management Snap for account-related operations. A request object contains:

  • account: string - Account ID (UUIDv4).
  • id: string - Request ID (UUIDv4).
  • request - Inner request sent by the client application, containing:
    • method: string - The request method.
    • params: Json[] - Optional method parameters.
  • scope: string - CAIP-2 chain ID of the blockchain network for the request.


"address": "0xd1f5279be4b4dd94133a23dee1b23f5bfc0db1d0",
"id": "f84d3a97-b6e1-47ea-8b0c-fd8609efaad4",
"request": {
"method": "personal_sign",
"params": [
"scope": "eip155:1"